In order to become a Freemason there are criteria you must to meet. Within Domus Dei you must be:

  • Male
  • Of the age of 21 years or greater (Unless an undergraduate at the University of Portsmouth)
  • Capable of professing a belief in a higher power
  • Able to attend the lodge rooms 8 times per year (more if you choose to engage in office)

Whilst Freemasonry is secular and non-denominational, it requires that all it's members have a belief in a higher power, or supreme being. Nowhere does it dictate any specific religious path or creed, as that would contradict Freemasonry's constant pursuit of truth. It is philosophising over our common belief where true self knowledge can be gained.

Freemasonry also implies an element of charitable giving. Whilst this is in no means obligatory, as the needs of family and other commitments can obstruct this, the institution does hold an expectation of each Brother to dedicate some measure of resource.

Domus Dei Lodge No. 5151 meet at the Phoenix Rooms, Old Portsmouth on the 1st Wednesday of the month, October - June (Exluding January). We tyle (begin our meeting) at 1800 promptly, aiming to sit at our Festive Board for approximately 2030.

Domus Dei is a member of the University Scheme. We are therefore able to initiate young men below the age of 21 that are currently students at the University - giving them an excellent opportunity to immerse themselves in an enriching and dedicated environment focused on their personal development.

Being a member of the University Scheme has taken Domus from strength to strength. If you are interested in Masonry, please do not hesitate to contact us.